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Pearson is the world’s learning company, with expertise in educational courseware and assessment, and a range of teaching and learning services powered by technology.

Our mission is to help people make progress through access to better learning.  We believe that learning opens up opportunities, creating fulfilling careers and better lives.


Driving Access, Affordability & Achievement with Pearson

Most educators agree that students who don’t have access to required course materials on the first day of class are at a disadvantage. And yet, large numbers of students opt out of buying course materials for the first day of class citing cost as a barrier. Working together with institutional leaders, we’re putting innovative digital course materials delivery models in place that simplify getting students access to the materials they need from the very first day of class while improving affordability and driving achievement:

  • Transforming Affordability: Our digital delivery models help control the overall cost of education for students by providing highly favorable course materials pricing directly to the institution.
  • Transforming Access: Digital delivery of course materials levels the playing field by ensuring all students have access to required learning materials on or before the first day of class through collaboration with the institution and all of their preferred distribution partners.
  • Transforming Achievement: By giving faculty the ability to make better informed choices among best-in-class content, delivering content in a format that personalizes learning and increases engagement, and enabling data-informed learning insights that can inform and improve instruction, digital course materials delivery models enable innovation in teaching and learning.


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For more information on innovative ways Pearson can partner with you to improve affordability while increasing access to high-quality academic content, visit or contact a member of our team:

Jessica Garcia
Regional Vice President – Strategic Partnerships

Tom Malek
Senior Vice President, Head of Partnerships

Jonathan Poole
Regional Vice President – Strategic Partnerships





NACTC Platinum Sponsor   FY 2016

Description of Services:

wēpa is a cloud-based print solution developed specifically for higher education that encompasses everything needed to support printing on campus. Our turnkey solution eliminates all campus staff involvement in purchasing printers, warranties, toners and paper. We also handle all printer and print station repair. The print station network is monitored by wēpa staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Technical Support team stands ready to assist users and ensure that all print stations are working properly. The system communicates frequent health alerts, eliminating issues while maintaining high uptime standards.


Benefits of wēpa:

Turnkey: wēpa provides the hardware, software, supplies and support to allow hassle-free printing for students and guests on your campus. Long-term contracts are not required.
Green: Customers have reported up to an 86% reduction of print waste with wēpa on their campuses.
Fixed Cost: With wēpa’s low pay-for-print cost and no additional charges for software, reporting, paper or toner – you will truly know your student printing costs!
Student Services: Integration with LDAP/AD, Shibboleth and campus cards ensures a high level of convenience for students. wēpa allows users to send documents to the cloud from mobile and hand held devices on or off campus.
Safety: Print stations feature locked cabinets to allow placement in convenient and non-traditional locations for students.
Secure Cloud: Safe cloud technology provides secure document retrieval. Using wēpa’s cloud prevents the need for servers on campus.

wēpa adapts to let you customize your print station to create a brand for your print solution on campus! This allows students to identify and trust wēpa as their first choice when it comes to convenient printing on campus!

2015 Winner of “Best Place to Print” at Towson University (2015 Towson’s Best article)


Contact Information:

David Bannister
wēpa, Sales
100 Gilbert Drive
Alabaster, AL 35007